Our Time Review

Our TimeIf you're looking for a serious relationship, but you feel you don't fit the target demographic on the more broader-based sites, you now have OurTime to consider. This site is aimed at singles who are fifty and over. You may have seen the stories about the disparity on other sites between users' ages and the ages of the users they contact and that's certainly one issue that OurTime can help you avoid. The site's main focus is on serious relationships, but they do acknowledge other kinds. That's not to say that you'll be swiping right on anyone, but that the site acknowledges that users may just be looking for friendship or something in between friendship and love.

The setup of the site is very basic and easy to navigate, perhaps in anticipation of users who might feel intimidated by the bells and whistles of other sites. You must create an account to browse, but you can be up and running in a few minutes, browsing other singles for free. Navigation around the site is no sweat. Fleshing out your profile, as well as using other site features, is a breeze as well, even if you don't have much experience with dating sites. If you have made a Facebook account, you can find your way around this site with ease.

And once when you're cruising around the site, you can use site features to narrow your list of matches by the typical search criteria on other sites, like age or location. Unlike some other sites, though, OurTime gives the option to search and sort by features like photos, videos, audio, and personality test. Still not discerning enough for you? Go deeper still by searching and sorting by body type and religion. If after your searching you've found a match, Like other sites, if you want to use fancier features, you will need to start a membership. Memberships are reasonable—they're less pricey than eHarmony's and much more comparable to most other sites. A basic membership is around $24 a month, although there are discounts for buying in bulk, in 3-month and 6-month increments. There are also extras to be purchased, such as the ability to boost your profile so that it's seen by more people.

OurTime offers searches for same-sex relationships and although the site is aimed at Baby Boomers, there is no age verification or age cut-off. OurTime is open to users of any age, provided they are over 18, of course. There are slightly more women on the site than men, but only very slightly. The gender balance is fairly even, according to their data. They do offer live chatting with other users on the site, as well as ways to trick out your profile (the aforementioned video and audio options). In addition, in what has become the norm for dating sites, they also offer an app.

The final word: If you're looking for something a little more mature in your relationships or in your relationship partners, you will want to check out OurTime. However, the site's simple interface might be frustrating to users who want more features or to users who are looking for a broader clientele.

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